Market opportunity assessment for lending software in the UK for a Lending-as-a-Service platform provider

Client Cases

The Client

Our client is a UK-based software provider for banks & Financial Institutions, offering a digital end-to-end Lending-as-a-Service platform. The client wished to know more about the UK lending software market in terms of its size, competitive overview & key trends to evaluate the feasibility of entering it.

The IBSi Approach

The client mandated IBSi to perform a market opportunity assessment in the UK for lending software, which consisted of:

  • An overview of the banking & financial institutions sector in the UK, with a focus on institutions that offer Personal & SME lending in high volumes
  • An estimate of the market size of the UK Lending Software market for SME & consumer financing segments
  • Identifying target markets with a focus on banks offering SME lending as their core area
  • Segmenting the market size into three essential customer segments, for the client to target
  • Identifying an opportunity in the personal unsecured lending software market for the client
  • Market sizing for the personal unsecured lending software market through primary discussions & interviews with key stakeholders
  • Leveraging IBSi SalesVision to conduct an analysis of lending system deals in the UK over four years
  • A comprehensive competitive overview for 10+ leading lending software providers in the UK


  • The market sizing of the lending software market in the UK helped the client gain a holistic view of the market potential & revenue opportunities
  • Target market identification was provided with a focus on converging interests of banks’ & the client’s core areas of lending; this helped the client understand the primary banks to tap into
  • The different target customer segments analysed helped the client employ a three-fold strategy to tap onto each segment differently
  • A niche market segment was identified for the client, which was previously untapped & was much larger in value than the SME segment; this gave the client a first-mover advantage in the market
  • The deal analysis filtered under different parameters further helped the client in understanding the key deals in the market & the growth trajectory of lending deals on a year-on-year basis
  • The competitive overview helped the client in understanding the typical services offered by leading players & thus develop a niche of its own
  • Finally, the key trends provided strategic assistance to the client for penetrating the market & adapting to digital-oriented trends in the UK