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Whitepaper development that helps convert.

In the highly competitive and disruptive Financial Technology industry, getting a client’s share of mind is becoming increasingly difficult. The major challenge is how to communicate one’s thought leadership in a manner that not only helps the client strategize their tech plan, and also positions one’s solution at a strategic level

The answer is IBSI’s whitepaper offering

IBSI’s comprehensive knowledge of the Financial Technology sector since 1991, also covering the new-age technology space, its coverage of every major system type, over 300 suppliers, and research depth that includes news, insights, leadership interviews, conference coverage, case studies, market trends, and supplier profiles, allows it to develop for clients – customized, impactful and insightful whitepapers that become a key differentiator in a client’s sales strategy.

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Whitepaper Development

  1. IBSI’s whitepaper offering is FastTrack and customized to client needs. All done within 4 weeks or less.
  2. An IBSI proposal recommends 2-3 topics in a specific subject area based on its expertise.
  3. Client approves proposal, selects topic, and jointly develops a Table of Contents with IBSI.
  4. Kick-Off call with client’s product specialist.
  5. Primary research includes 2-5 in-depth interviews by IBSI lead analyst with client contacts.
  6. Secondary research includes IBSI reviewing relevant information and insights in its comprehensive database of news, insights, leadership interviews, conference notes, and research reports since 1991. At last count 15,000 news articles, 350 research reports, 300+ supplier profiles, and 2000 pages of knowledge!
  7. IBSI internal primary research includes conversations with its Cedar Consulting team with 30 years of consulting experience to develop an understanding of how banks are reviewing the area of research focus in the real world.
  8. An 8-10 page whitepaper is developed that is run past the client. 1-2 iterations later it’s done. Format can be PDF, e-book, or any other format as per a client’s request.

Get a competitive edge with IBSI whitepaper development and marketing services

Do you spend a lot of your time figuring the best way to communicate your company’s thought leadership?

Whitepapers prove to be an effective method to show-off thought leadership and generate leads. The good news is that IBS Intelligence has strong research capabilities to help you attain both objectives. We are experts in writing Financial Technology content and have access to highly qualified marketing channels to market this content and generate leads for you! All of this on a fast tracked basis.

Write to us at enquiries@ibsintelligence.com or fill out the form to learn more about how we can help you demonstrate your expertise to the right audience and generate more leads.

Whitepapers can be created for several topics. Listed below are the topics of our recently executed whitepapers.

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