IBSi FinTech Journal Feature Focus: Program Management & Quality Assurance

Good program management delivers early realisation of benefits, an institutionalised framework and engaged organisation. Unfortunately, there are no magic pills, nor is this an area that banks can afford to ignore. After all, there are projects that are always ongoing, and each one of them has a cost and a benefit embedded.

In this Feature Focus section, IBSi FinTech Journal takes a look at the five key tenets of a successful program management framework. We also highlight Quality Assurance (QA), an area of growing importance to financial firms.

IBSi FinTech Journal’s Program Management & Quality Assurance Feature Focus includes:

Defining and adopting an IT Scorecard

V Ramkumar, Partner at Cedar Management Consulting International, discusses driving best-in-class strategy via an IT Balanced Scorecard

Testing times

Kate O’Flaherty talks to major industry players about the key tenets of Quality Assurance

Best in class program management

Over 60% of technology transformation projects reportedly fail to meet budgets or timelines, and that can lead to frustrations, and possibly cost a few jobs. Key here is execution excellence. No matter how innovative an idea, or how good a product or its supplier, timely and effective delivery of technology projects are highly dependent on how well the Program Management Office (PMO) goes about its job

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