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IBS Journal Feature Focus: Payments Technology

IBS Journal takes a look at the rapidly changing payments landscape, including the rise of contactless/mobile payments and the move towards real-time. Denmark, Poland, India, Singapore and many other countries now have real-time payment infrastructures. The drivers for adoption come from increased customer expectation and a fear that if banks don’t offer better, quicker payments on a shared back-end that provides ubiquity to consumers, and more data-rich services to corporates, they could face disintermediation.

Established banks could lose valuable customer immediacy to FinTech newcomers, challenger banks with no legacy, or alternative payment service providers (PSPs) online or in the mobile field – such as Venmo, PayPal and so on – and become ‘dumb plumbers’ if they cannot offer the fast payments and informative data that 21st century customers want.
At the same time, however, with so much innovation happening at the moment – increasingly from new entrants – it is very difficult to predict which solutions and offerings will change the face of the way we pay. And we should not ignore the fact that cash remains popular with many consumers and businesses.


IBS Journal’s Payments Technology Feature Focus includes:

Real-time: platforms for innovation?

Real-time payment infrastructures are proliferating with the US, EU and Australia set to join in. They can potentially act as platforms for innovation and provide a means to fight disintermediation, says Neil Ainger, if banks can connect inexpensively and internationally and use them fully.

Payment politics: ownership and competition

Neil Ainger takes a look at the UK Payment Systems Regulator’s (PSR) proposals to shakeup the market.

Winning the contactless arms race

Contactless technology is finally breaking through, although widespread adoption remains some way off. Hannah Prevett reports

The mystery of Satoshi Nakamoto

Alex Hamilton investigates the shadowy figure behind the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

Farewell to cash?

With Android Pay launching in the UK, and debit cards rising to the top of the payments pile, Scott Thompson asks: could cash be on its way out?

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