IBSi FinTech Journal Feature Focus: Big Data, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Emerging Technology

“Digital in financial services is giving a much deeper transparency. It is making information readily available, for free, to the client. That information is not only on others but on us. This puts a lot of pressure on banks to improve the quality of their service and it forces us to be more transversal. If you do not take care your bank could come across as being different entities in the market all of which have their own solutions. You have to have a unified internal picture of what you are doing.”

So says Rudi Collin, Head of Digital Transformation at BNP Paribas, Corporate and Institutional Banking, in this IBSi FinTech Journal Feature Focus. Advanced analytics are giving banks a rare opportunity to reinvent themselves and achieve that all important unified internal picture. Some are seizing the day, but others are falling short.

In this Feature Focus, we put the spotlight on interesting initiatives by banks and FIs and also highlight the challenges that come with building a data strategy in a digital world.


IBSi FinTech Journal’s Big Data, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Emerging Technology Feature Focus includes:

Greater data boom under BCBS 239

“Regulations are an enabler for Big Data delivery,” says Sigga Sigurdardottir, Head of Innovation at Santander. “In terms of leveraging and understanding customer data and the ability to truly understand the customer, this is going to open tremendous opportunities for us to handle the data in the right way.”

The grand merger – ins and outs of a data migration

In June 2013, Swedish headquartered financial services giant Nordea sold off its Polish divisions, Nordea Bank Polska, Finance Polska and Nordea Polska Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe for £590 million to the country’s largest bank, PKO Bank Polski. Adam Marciniak, Managing Director for Maintenance and Development of Applications at PKO, talks to IBSi FinTech Journal about the technological side of the acquisition.

Strategic decisions in data warehousing programmes

The ability to derive insights from enterprise data is a key determinant of effective decision-making in business. However, over the last two decades businesses have not made sufficient investments to develop this capability. The focus of technology investments has been on functional capabilities developed in silos by specific applications. This has resulted in a fragmented data landscape plagued by various issues.

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