Covid-19 Impact on Banks, And fixes. The Black Swan Opportunity

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The fight between challengers and incumbents hots up every single month and IBS Journal is here to help you make sense of the battlefield. In this special, digitally-themed Feature Focus, we investigate what it is that makes the challengers so disruptive and how the legacy banks can react.

Challenger banks are here to “save the day” from “bloated” incumbents who have “taken their customers for granted” for way to long. Unencumbered by legacy technology and outdated processes, these ventures (with their lower operating costs) are aiming to drag banking into the 21st Century. That at least, is the narrative being pushed by the new kids on the block. What’s the reality though? We have a look into just how and why the challengers have made their impact, and assess whether they really can stick it to the big boys.

For many decades, banks have searched tirelessly for ways to satisfy that most elusive desire of the customer: convenience. From the ATM in the 1960s to the advent of online banking in the 90s, customer-centric technology has been on a slow march. With the development of the smartphone, however, that march has become a lung-busting sprint. While mobile banking adoption continues to grow steadily across markets like Europe and the US, it has exploded into life in Africa and Asia. What’s behind this disparity, and will we see a similar conflagration in 2017? M-Pesa may be flourishing, but can it rub shoulders with the likes of Apple and Alphabet? IBS Journal investigates.

With such a deep -dive into the ever-moving world of digital banking, you’d be remiss to skip out.

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