Core Banking, Back-office & Transaction Banking Systems Feature Focus

This is our Core Banking issue, the ‘bread and butter’ issue in which we cover the most important decisions most banks will ever make and the freedoms they have to break free of convention and surprise the world. We also take a look at the other side of the banking coin – those who intend to stay exactly where they are now, thank you very much. Hope you enjoy reading it!

What is the IBSi FinTech Journal Feature Focus?

Each issue of our flagship monthly IBSi FinTech Journal includes a Feature Focus, dedicated to a specific area of banking technology. The Feature Foci are part of the IBSi FinTech Journal subscription.

IBSi FinTech Journal Feature Foci cover a wide range of subjects pertinent to the financial technology industry worldwide. They include detailed case studies, analysis, interviews and other feature articles.

Each publication features independently researched and compiled material, with no advertorial or contributed articles. All articles are written by IBS, and we believe that this dedication to quality is unique among publications in the banking/financial services technology space.

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