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IBS Journal Supplement: Banking Technology
in the Middle East

In this latest edition we look at banking and payments technology in the Middle East, and what the hotspots of activity are.

Jordan, an island of relative stability in the Middle East, is taking the opportunity to leap ahead of its peers by completely overhauling the plumbing of its banking system. This is not without challenges, with millions of refugees needing to be taken into account, but a multi-year project to replace the RTGS, and build a new ACH and a new mobile payment switch, should start to deliver results this year. We talk to the central bank about the effort, and also to Jordan Kuwait Bank, about its own plans to take advantage of the new infrastructure. We also feature an interview with a bank in Lebanon about its recent efforts to modernise its core banking software.

Banking Technology in the Middle East Supplement features:

Analysis: Jordan’s payments infrastructure

The banking sector in Jordan is set to undergo a revolution in the coming months, thanks to work behind the scenes to improve the country’s infrastructure. Maha Bahou, executive manager of payments systems and domestic banking operations at the Central Bank of Jordan, explains the changes.

Case Study: Jordan Kuwait Bank overhauls technology with ICS Banks from ICSFS

With the country’s central bank nearing the end of a project to overhaul the banking infrastructure, now is a good time for banks in Jordan to make sure that their own houses are in order. Jordan Kuwait Bank, part of the Burgan Bank Group, has done just that.

Project Spotlight: All change at Banque de l’Habitat

Banque de l’Habitat, a housing finance lender in Lebanon, talks to IBS about its choice of new banking software, CapitalBanker, from Paris-based supplier Capital Banking Solutions.

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