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Universal Banking Systems Report

£945 Full Report (27 Supplier Profiles)

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Pages : 600

IBS Intelligence’s Universal Banking Systems (UBS) Market Report will bring you right up to date with the leading retail and universal core banking offerings.

Totally independent, in-depth and updated, it provides a huge amount of information on each supplier and its systems. That information, as with all IBS Intelligence publications, stems from our investigative reporting, not from supplier hype. The Report has input from users of all of the systems and highlight their strengths and their weaknesses, their successes and failures.

There is no better starting point for a bank evaluating new systems.

No bank should set about selecting a new core system without the Universal Banking Systems Market Report. It has been the bedrock of banks’ selections time and time again over the years and, as it is updated on a rolling basis, remains as relevant today as ever.

The depth of information is unprecedented. It provides everything a bank needs to know about the mainstream international core universal systems that cover retail and corporate banking:

  • Their origins and evolution
  • Their strengths and weaknesses
  • Their functionality, technology and scalability
  • Extensive user lists
  • The delivery track-record of the suppliers
  • Direct input from users, setting out their experiences
  • Future direction and product roadmaps

Besides an enterprise edition with multi-user access for the IBS Journal, IBS Intelligence PRISM offering allows a client to access the IBSI’s comprehensive knowledge base for multiple users across and the organization. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents

  1. About the Universal Banking Systems Market Report
  2. The Market – Make up and evolution
  3. Overview of Today’s Universal Banking Systems Market
  4. Accenture: Alnova
  5. BML Istisharat: ICBS
  6. Capital Banking Solutions: CapitalBanker
  7. D+H Corporation: Phoenix
  8. FIS: Corebank
  9. FIS: Profile
  10. FIS: Systematics
  11. Fiserv: DNA
  12. Fiserv: ICBS/Signature
  13. ICS Financial Systems (ICSFS): ICS Banks
  14. Infopro: ICBA
  15. Infosys: Finacle
  16. Infrasoft Technologies: OmniEnterprise
  17. International Turnkey Systems (ITS): Ethix
  18. Misys: Fusionbanking Equation (Part 1 Pre-Bankfusion)
  19. Misys: Fusionbanking Equation (Part 2 Arrival of Bankfusion)
  20. Neptune: Equinox/Rubikon
  21. Oracle FSS: Flexcube (Part 1)
  22. Oracle FSS: Flexcube, OBP (Part 2)
  23. Path Solutions: iMAL
  24. Polaris Financial Technology: Intellect, LaserPanacea
  25. SAB: SAB AT/Samic
  26. SAP: SAP for Banking
  27. Silverlake Axis: SIBS
  28. Sopra: Delta-Bank
  29. Sopra: Thaler
  30. Sungard: Ambit Core Banking
  31. TCS (Part 1 Pre-FNS Acquisition)
  32. TCS (Part 2 Post-FNS Acquisition)
  33. Temenos: TCB
  34. Temenos: T24 (Part 1)
  35. Temenos: T24 (Part 2)
  36. Temenos T24 (Part 3 + User Lists)