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Risk Management Systems & Suppliers Report

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Pages : 188

Risk management is clearly to the forefront in most banks and is an area for investment. There are various tactical and strategic approaches, plus a range of proven systems to facilitate compliance and reduce risk.

The Risk Management Systems & Suppliers Report from IBS Intelligence studies the building blocks for enterprise risk management, from both an architectural and third party software perspective. It looks in detail at the offerings, including an overview, their evolution, functionality, partners, strategy, user experiences and example users.

Each profile also includes extensive product functionality data, technical specifications and customer details.

The Risk Management Systems & Suppliers Guide covers:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Product offerings
  • Evolution
  • Strategies
  • Customer input

As with all IBS publications, this guide is completely independent,  in-depth and written solely by our expert editorial team, so there is no marketing hype. It provides the full risk management industry story, thereby allowing banks and other interested parties to understand the market and make informed decisions.

Besides an enterprise edition with multi-user access for the IBS Journal, IBS Intelligence PRISM offering allows a client to access the IBSI’s comprehensive knowledge base for multiple users across and the organization. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview: New regulations and implications
  2. Algorithmics – Algo Suite
  3. D+H Corporation – CreditQuest
  4. Fernbach – FlexFinance
  5. GoldenSource – 360 EDM
  6. Hitec Labs – PolicyHub, Ten Risk Manager
  7. Kamakura Corporation – KRM
  8. Lombard Risk – LISA, Reporter, Colline
  9. Loxon – Loxon Risk Suite
  10. Misys – Misys FusionRisk
  11. Moody’s Analytics – Fermat
  12. OpenGamma – OpenGamma Platform
  13. Oracle FSS – Reveleus, Financials Accounting Hub
  14. Razor Risk Technologies – Razor
  15. SAP – Bank Analyzer
  16. SAS – SAS Risk Management for Banking
  17. Sopra – Sopra Banking Platform Compliance
  18. Sungard – Adaptiv
  19. Sungard – Ambit Risk & Performance
  20. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services: Summix
  21. Why an enterprise architecture?
  22. The need for a strategic approach to risk
  23. The data challenge
  24. Coordinating data for regulatory and accounting purposes
  25. Optimisation and skillsets
  26. Risk management technology
  27. Putting risk and finance theory into practice
  28. The finance architecture options – overview
  29. The data model
  30. The super-ledger
  31. The data repository
  32. Conclusion