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Back Office Systems and Suppliers Report

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Pages : 700

Why Buy This Report?

  1. Profiles of 103 leading suppliers with in-depth coverage of their solutions, implementation track record, product evolution, strategic focus & comprehensive user list by region.
  2. Includes our industry recognized barometer for system sales performance “Sales League Table” for key categories last 5 years
  3. 5 Case Studies of successful implementations highlighting the Reasons and drivers for change, selection process, challenges and project impact
  4. Detailed market overview & insights “IBSViews” from our industry experts
  5. Complimentary 1 hour analyst / expert time with each report

If you are a Bank Tech team member, make the right supplier selection by reading this report. If you are a Supplier, understand the market better and be more competitive. If you are a Consultant, advise your clients more knowledgably. And if you are an Investor, use this to make the right investment decision.

Pages : 700 for Full Report / Approx. 450 for Custom Report IBS Intelligence’s Core Banking Back Office Systems & Suppliers (BOSS) Report features independent profiles of over 100 international suppliers and 150+ systems. It is the definitive resource for evaluating the leading core banking solutions across areas, including universal, retail, wholesale, lending, treasury, capital markets, trade finance, private banking and asset management. We cover the market in close detail, and we talk directly to many banks, as well as the suppliers themselves, to form an unbiased picture of the merits of each system and its supplier. Each detailed supplier/system profile includes:

  • Company status
  • History
  • Future strategy
  • System functionality and specifications
  • An extensive customer list

The BOSS Report also provides a country-by-country breakdown to show who is using each system in which country

Table of Contents

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Overview of the Back Office Systems Market
  3. 3i Infotech
  4. Able
  5. Accenture
  6. Asseco South Eastern Europe (SEE)
  7. Autosoft Dynamics
  8. Avaloq
  9. B&F Soft
  10. Banking Information Systems (BIS)
  11. Bankware Global
  12. BML Istisharat
  13. Bravura Solutions
  14. Broadridge Financial Solutions
  15. Calypso Technology
  16. Capital Banking Solutions
  17. Sopra Banking Software (Cassiopae)
  18. CCK Financial Solutions
  19. Centre of Financial Technologies (CFT)
  20. CGI
  21. China Systems Corporation
  22. Cloud Lending Solutions
  23. Cobiscorp
  24. Colvir Software Solutions
  25. Commercial Banking Applications
  26. Complex Systems Inc(CSI)
  27. Credence Analytics
  28. DXC Technology (CSC)
  29. Datapro
  30. Diasoft
  31. Die Software Peter Fitzon GmbH
  32. Dion Global Solutions
  33. DL&A
  34. ERI
  35. Evry
  36. Exictos
  37. Fern Software
  38. Finartis (Sage SA)
  39. Finastra (D+H)
  40. Finnova
  41. FIS
  42. Fiserv
  43. Five Degrees
  44. Flexsoft
  45. Forbis
  46. GBST
  47. Hyundai Information Technology
  48. ICSFS
  49. IDCorp
  50. Idealinvent
  51. i-Financial
  52. Infopro
  53. Information Mosaic
  54. Infosys
  55. Infrasoft Technologies
  56. Intellect Design Arena
  57. International Private Banking Systems
  58. International Turnkey Systems (ITS)
  59. Intertech
  60. Intrasoft International
  61. Ion Group
  62. Latin American Byte
  63. Linedata
  64. Mambu
  65. Open Group (MCO Finance)
  66. Micro Informatique & Technologies SA
  67. Microlink Solutions
  68. Miles Software
  69. Mimics Inc
  70. Finastra (Misys)
  71. Murex
  72. Neptune
  73. Nucleus Software
  74. Oracle FSS
  75. Path Solutions
  76. Pennant Technologies
  77. Pibas
  78. Pinnacle Solutions Incorporated
  79. Probanx
  80. Profile Software
  81. R-Style Softlab
  82. SAB
  83. Finartis (Sage SA)
  84. SAP
  85. SDS
  86. Silverlake Axis
  87. Simcorp
  88. Sopra Banking Software
  89. SS&C Technologies
  90. FIS (SunGard)
  91. New Access (SunGard)
  92. Silverlake Axis (SunGard)
  93. Surecomp
  94. Sword Apak
  95. TCS Financial Solutions
  96. Technisys
  97. Temenos
  98. Top Systems
  99. Torstone Technology
  100. Trasset
  101. Trust Systems & Software
  102. TurboConsult
  103. Unisys Inc
  104. Vermeg
  105. Virmati
  106. Wall Street Systems/Ion Trading
  107. White Clarke Group

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