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With a 25 year track record, The IBS Journal is one of the world’s leading monthly FinTech news, analysis and research publications. As an industry participant, it keeps you informed on key developments in the fast moving FinTech industry helping you stay competitive, make informed FinTech investment decisions, and help drive banking & FinTech strategy.

Each issue has a special Feature Focus section covering key FinTech topics – Core Banking, Back Office, Transaction Banking, Wealth Management & Private Banking, Treasury & Capital Markets, Risk Technology, Islamic Banking, Cybersecurity, Regtech, Digital Banking, Omni-channel, Platformification, Open Banking, P2P Lending, RPA, Artificial Intelligence,  Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics, Digital Payments, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Insurance Technology. The issue also includes industry news & developments, case studies, analysis, interviews and other feature articles, as well as the latest industry gossip. The April Sales League Table Issue, and the February Core Banking Special Issue, are the most sought after issues, and are available separately.

SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS: IBS Journal now provides multiple subscription options including a 10 issue base subscription, a one time purchase of the Core Banking and Sales League Table Issue, or a comprehensive 12 issue package.


Feature Focus

Each edition of the IBS Journal carries a feature focus, that provides a deep dive perspective on a range of topics that are highly sought after by banks and financial institutions across the world. The coverage on the topic includes an interview with an industry leader, case studies, thought leadership analysis piece, industry perspectives and feature articles.

The feature focus coverage for 2018 include:

  • Jan:  Cyber Security, Regtech
  • Feb:  Core banking, back-office and transaction banking systems
  • Mar:  Digital banking, Omni Channel
  • Apr:  Annual Sales League Table 2018
  • May:  Platformification, Open Banking & API, P2P lending, Crowdfunding
  • Jun:  Wealth Management, Private Banking
  • Jul:  RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT
  • Aug:  Big Data, DW, Analytics & Cloud
  • Sep:  Treasury & Capital Markets, Risk Technology
  • Oct:  Digital Payments, Blockchain technology & Cryptocurrency
  • Nov:  Islamic Banking Systems & Insurance Technology
  • Dec:  2018 Review and 2019 Preview


Please note that the Base Subscription does not include the February Core Banking Issue, and the April Sales League Table Issue