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IBS Journal Enterprise Package

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For 25 years IBS Journal has been an iconic publication that provides a global perspective on banking technology. The monthly publication and the accompanying supplements cover a wide range of subjects pertinent to the financial technology industry worldwide. Each issue includes the major news and developments in the industry, detailed case studies, analysis, interviews and other feature articles, as well as the latest industry gossip.

IBS Journal features independently researched and compiled material, with no advertorial. We believe that this dedication to quality is unique among publications in the banking and financial services IT space.

Features of the Enterprise edition:

  • Enterprise Access With 5 Logins
  • Share the monthly IBS Journal tracking the fast moving FinTech world with your team across all digital devices.
  • Access a wealth of 24 months of online content via the archives.
  • Track industry trends to help execute your 2018 strategy.
  • Be more informed on supplier capabilities & Points-Of-View.
  • Access the 2018 Sales League Table Supplier Ranking.
  • Feature focus covering 25 FinTech & CoolTech technologies helping manage your technology investments.
  • Case Studies to learn from your peers and manage project risk


Free Gift

IBS Journal 2017 – Iconic Sales League Table Issue

See annual ranking of top 65 global FinTech Suppliers across 9 banking Systems resulting in 550 banking system sales with over 100 banks.


IBS Intelligence has designed a special Corporate eLibrary package that provides access to multiple users, across multiple sites simultaneously. This is to provide effective support to multiple members of a client team who may be in different locations, and in some cases working together on a single project. There is also a package to buy the full set of reports, or a sub-set of all the reports.

Feature Focus

IBS Journal includes a range of Feature Foci, dedicated to various specific areas of banking technology.

The Feature Foci are part of the IBS Journal subscription.

They cover a wide range of subjects pertinent to the financial technology industry worldwide, and include detailed case studies, analysis, interviews and other feature articles.

Each publication features independently researched and compiled material, with no advertorial or contributed articles.

Click here to read the latest IBS Journal Feature Focus.

Customer Testimonials

This is what our customers say about IBS Journal:

IBS Journal is one of the best banking technology information sources.

IBS Journal is far and away my favourite source of up to the minute independent reporting.
PMI Global specialist

All year, the IBS Journal has provided very useful information in the banking systems space. Best wishes and keep it up.
NMB Bank

The IBS Journal does a great job of distilling and presenting critical issues in Banking Systems and Technology and I recommend any of our members with interest in the wild world of banking systems register for sure on their website.
Global Bankers Institute

As a subscriber to IBS Journal and the IBS Sales League Table, and having recently purchased the Treasury & Capital Markets Systems and Wealth Management & Private Banking Systems Reports, from these three documents, we can definitely derive our ‘long list’.
Gulf Investment Corporation

We find the IBS Journal useful. It helps us to be better informed about the market, and it delivers the latest news.

I am very satisfied with our subscription to IBS Journal. Your ratings of Russian core systems are now the basis for decision taking and part of board presentations. More insight into this over-regulated and peculiar market are always welcome.
DSK Bank specialist