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Future of Digital Banking

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This report on the ‘Future of Digital Banking’ offers banks looking to invest in their digital banking initiatives, and fintech companies looking to address this market, a single source of information and objective assessments of the current and emerging market trends, and the roadmap for digital banking.

The report includes a detailed analysis of the market, the opportunities in digital banking, the ecosystems and emerging models and a brief profile of players across internet & mobile banking, cloud service, mobile wallet, payment gateway, Crypto-currencies, Big data and security service providers.

Select case studies covered in the report include OCBC’s Frank Bank, Kbank, Capital One, Tennesse Bank, Nationwide, CCB Asia, mBank, Mercantile Bank, ING. NAB, Halifax and Bank of Scotland, Societe Generale, Wells Fargo, Santander bank, BNY Mellon, Atom Bank, Capital One, ANZ and BBVA-Simple among others.

Unique benefits of the report:

  • Only report comprehensively covering the global markets, trends, roadmap.
  • Case Studies of industry leaders and global experiences
  • Over 48 key industry players with digital fin-tech offerings profiled.

Besides an enterprise edition with multi-user access for the IBS Journal, IBS Intelligence PRISM offering allows a client to access the IBSI’s comprehensive knowledge base for multiple users across and the organization. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Figure 1: Mobile Banking Adoption Increased by 40% in 2013

Figure 2: Mobile Banking Penetration by Country

Table of contents

Future of Digital Banking

  1. Executive summary
  2. Global Banking: Market Mapping
    1. The Changing Model of Banking
    2. Digital Banking: Drivers and Trends
  3. Opportunity Analysis in Digital Banking
    1. Capturing and Servicing New Customers
    2. Increasing Revenues and Reducing Costs
    3. Managing Multiple Channels and Cross-Channel Customer Experiences
    4. Challenges
  4. Roadmap for Digital Banking
    1. IT Requirements for Digital Banking
    2. Cyber Security
    3. Organizational Models
  5. Roadmap for Digital Banking
    1. Digital Banking Ecosystem and Business Models
    2. Leading Digital Banking Initiatives – Successes and Failures
    3. Digital Banking Enablers
  6. Conclusion and outlook