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Cool Fintech Report

£500.00 / year

The “Cool Fintech” report serves as a primer for anyone wanting to get an understanding of the emerging fintech landscape which has exploded in recent years, both in terms of the number of startups and the amount of investments flowing into this segment. Emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Data Analytics, Platform technology, etc. are reshaping the banking industry with fintech startups harnessing these technologies to transform financial processes and offer customers an alternative solution to the traditional banking solutions available in the market.
This report deconstructs some of the major technologies that drive the innovative fintech business models and introduces the reader to some of the notable fintech startups operating in the financial services arena with a summary of their business model, recent funding details and valuation where available.
IBS Intelligence, as part of its endeavor to cover the latest in fintech, has interviewed new promising fintech startups, through its flagship IBS Intelligence Journal. This report also carries excerpts of these exclusive interviews of CEOs and founders of some of these exciting new fintech startups.

Unique benefits of the report

  • A quick overview of the emerging fintech startups in the banking segment
  • Break-down of emerging technologies and their role in fintech solutions
  • Capsule profiles of 38 emerging fintech startups with innovative offerings in the various segments across the banking value chain
  • Exclusive interviews with nine upcoming fintech startups

Besides an enterprise edition with multi-user access for the IBS Journal, IBS Intelligence PRISM offering allows a client to access the IBSI’s comprehensive knowledge base for multiple users across and the organization. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Technologies driving the Cool Fintech Wave
    • Blockchain
      • Notable fintech startups using blockchain technology
        • Blockstream
        • Ripple
        • Digital Assets
    • Artificial Intelligence
      • Notable fintech startups using Artificial Intelligence
        • Alpaca
        • Avant
        • TrueAccord
    • Big Data Analytics
      • Notable fintech startups using Big Data Analytics
        • Fundbox
        • Rippleshot
        • Insikt
    • Peer-to-Peer Lending
      • Notable fintech startups using Peer-to-Peer Technology
        • Liwwa
        • Paykey
        • Lufax
  • Cool Fintech Overview
    • Valuation of Fintech Startups
      • Latest Funding rounds
      • Fintech Unicorns
    • Outlook for Cool Fintech Startups
  • Cool Fintech Profiles
    • Lending
      • Upstart
      • Finova Financial
      • Earnest
      • HashChing
      • Twino
      • Leveris
    • Payments
      • Affirm
      • Curve
      • Azimo
      • Yoyo Wallet
      • Telleroo
      • Now Money
    • Personal Finance
      • Robinhood
      • Realtyshares
      • qplum
      • Pariti
      • IEX Group
      • Coconut
      • Munnypot
    • Risk and Compliance
      • Cavirin
      • Credit Benchmark
      • Convercent
    • Trading and Exchange
      • Opendoor Trading
      • Hijro
      • Quantiacs
      • Pelican Exchange
  • Tête-à-tête with startups
    • Twino
    • Pelican Exchange
    • Telleroo
    • Now Money
    • Leveris
    • ParitI
    • Coconut
    • Munnypot
    • Yoyo Wallet