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Blockchain Technology in Financial Services

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“The Blockchain Technology in Financial Services” Report provides an in-depth understanding of blockchain as a technology, as well as its application in the financial services space, specifically banking. The report provides CTOs and CIOs of banks with an understanding of the various use cases of blockchain by banks across the world as well as the eco-system of companies providing a variety of services in this space.

This report includes a detailed analysis of the market, the applications, key drivers and challenges in the industry, as well as trends and developments globally, and by region. In addition to this, the report provides a detailed analysis of the ecosystem, key solution providers of blockchain technology as well as successful case studies of blockchain implementation in various banking processes/applications.

Overview of Blockchain Technology

Introduction to Blockchain, how it works, proof of concept, types of blockchain, operating models, key platforms, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS), key players, market size, growth and investment scenario

Blockchain Technology in Financial Services

Application of blockchain, how blockchain works in various financial services processes, use cases, key drivers for blockchain adoption in financial services, factors inhibiting the adoption of blockchain

Blockchain Ecosystem Analysis

Overview of the various layers of the blockchain ecosystem, summary of each layer, and leading companies operating in each layer of the ecosystem, profiles of some of the leading companies providing services to the various application areas in the financial services space.

Case Studies

Select case studies of blockchain implementation across various application areas. Each case studies covers an overview of the participating entities, the problem statement, solution provided, and benefits realized through the implementation. Banks covered in the case studies include HSBC, BAML, RBS, BBVA, CIBC, ING among others

Unique benefits of the report

  • One of the few reports that covers blockchain developments purely in the financial services space
  • Case studies of industry leaders and global experiences
  • Brief profiles of 16 key industry players operating in the blockchain ecosystem. Lists of more than 50+ companies operating in the industry

Who should buy

  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • PE and VC firms
  • Blockchain companies
  • Regulators
  • Research and consulting firms

Besides an enterprise edition with multi-user access for the IBS Journal, IBS Intelligence PRISM offering allows a client to access the IBSI’s comprehensive knowledge base for multiple users across and the organization. For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Overview of Blockchain technology
    • Introduction to Blockchain
    • Blockchain as a Service
    • Market size, growth and investment scenario
  • Blockchain technology in financial services
    • Applications of blockchain
    • Key drivers
    • Benefits of using blockchain technology
    • Factors inhibiting the adoption of Blockchain technology
  • Current Blockchain scenario
    • Key trends
    • Key developments by region
    • Recent initiatives
  • Blockchain ecosystem analysis
    • Layers of blockchain ecosystem
    • Solution providers
    • Company profiles
  • Case studies
  • Future outlook