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IBS Journal Special Issue: Sales League Table 2020


Since 1991, the iconic IBS Journal has given subscribers around the world a strong monthly dose of trends, predictions, interviews, news, rankings, and insights on global banking technology and FinTech markets. Each month’s issue comes with 54 pages of content that will help you stay informed on latest FinTech innovation trends globally, with the aim of helping you stay competitive, make informed investment decisions, and drive effective FinTech and banking strategies.

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  • With an 18-year track record, the IBSI Sales League Table is the most definitive leaderboard benchmark of global banking technology supplier performance.
  • 62 suppliers ranked, across 17 categories and 240 products.
  • New categories have been introduced this year, including transaction banking, wholesale payments and compliance, in addition to pure-play digital-only bank category.
  • IBSI has also expanded its SLT Leadership Club to recognize suppliers across product breadth and geographic coverage in addition to respective product categories and geographic leadership.
  • Select suppliers who have demonstrated next best performance in their respective categories have also been recognized as IBSI SLT Stars.
  • Covers purchases made by over 1700 banks from 150 countries across the Americas, Europe. Middle East, Africa and APAC.


Listen to our interesting podcast on the importance of the Sales League Table, how it is compiled and curated, the insights it provides on evolution and state of the banking technology industry, and the perspective it offers on activity levels in different global markets.

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In this in-depth annual report, 19 pages of analysis from IBSI’s analysts on the key players in the global banking technology business. The IBSI Sales League Table 2020 (SLT 2020) is a special edition for three main reasons. For one, it reveals the spectacular year of banking technology sales in 2019. Secondly, it also saw the participation of suppliers grow from 53 to 62 – reinforcing the Sales League Table as the most sought-after platform to demonstrate global sales success. Thirdly, it may be a long while before we see this level of activity within the banking technology market, given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.