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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) plays a critical role in empowering banks to rapidly automate its business operations and help achieve their digital transformation goals. RPA, which is essentially the use of software “robots” to automate repetitive, clerical and typically high-volume tasks, has become one of the most sought-after technologies in banking in recent years.

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Expertise on Robotic Process Automation in banking

Global Team

IBS Intelligence has a global presence; its research and editorial teams tracks fintech markets across the globe and over the years has developed strong analyst relations with RPA system providers and banks all over the world.

Practitioner Experience

As part of an international consulting group with strong 30+ years of helping banks with their digital transformation and automation strategies, our research offers actionable insights and practical guidance on how RPA in banking solutions is beneficial for banks.

Proven Track Record

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) systems are a vital part of any banking automation initiative. We have been tracking the rapidly growing RPA technology since its early days through our research, editorial coverage and consulting engagements.

Supplier Coverage

Get an in-depth overview of major RPA in banking solutions providers covering technical and functional overview of their solutions, product strategy, market strategy and a qualified list of clients using their software solution.

A-Z Knowledge

Our coverage of RPA solutions for banks includes a coverage of the key RPA suppliers’ detailed product functionality. The editorial team tracks the latest developments in RPA implementations by banks globally, to give you a competitive edge.

Thought Leadership

Our analysts not only cover current RPA technology trends but also, in consultation with industry participants such as suppliers and banks, predict the future of the RPA solutions and its role in banking. This is articulated through thought leadership and whitepapers.

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