US Financial Services Technology Market Report

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IBS Intelligence has designed a special Corporate eLibrary package that provides access to multiple users, across multiple sites simultaneously. This is to provide effective support to multiple members of a client team who may be in different locations, and in some cases working together on a single project. There is also a package to buy the full set of reports, or a sub-set of all the reports.

Product Description

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IBS Intelligence has scrutinized the US banking systems market for years, keeping abreast of the suppliers, their systems, and the banks. The work has included an annual look at which US banks are buying which systems, within the US-specific reporting in our annual IBS Sales League Table analysis.

The US domestic banks that have survived the financial crisis are now operating in a different, tougher environment, with smaller margins, increased regulation and heightened competition, This has brought arguably an unprecedented level of innovation, as they seek to improve customer service and reduce overheads. That innovation is manifesting itself in different areas, including a lot of work to transform the branch and truly harness alternative channels. It has a knock-on impact on the back office. There is a fair amount of chopping and changing of core systems, with a continued overall drift towards hosted models.

This report seeks to put the activity into context, looking at the drivers and trends, before analyzing each of the main incumbent suppliers, the domestic challengers, and the non-US incursors.

Table of Contents

  1. About The US Financial Services Technology Market Report
  2. Overview: US Financial Services Technology Market Report
  3. Vendors & Products Profiled
  4. Vendor Profiles: Brief Overview
  5. US Market Drivers
  6. US Channel Trends
  7. Accenture – Alnova
  8. Corelation – Keystone
  9. CSC – Hogan/Celeriti
  10. CSI – Nupoint, Meridian.Net
  11. D + H Corporation – Phoenix, Ultradata
  12. FIS – Bankway, Ibs
  13. FIS – Horizon
  14. FIS – Mercury, Bancline, Bancpac
  15. FIS – Miser
  16. FIS – Profile
  17. FIS – Systematics
  18. Fiserv – Cleartouch, Premier, Precision, Credit Union Systems
  19. Fiserv – DNA
  20. Fiserv – Signature
  21. IBT – i2 Core
  22. Infosys – Finacle
  23. Jack Henry – Silverlake, CIF 20/20, Core Director
  24. Jack Henry Symitar – Episys, Cruise/CruiseNet
  25. Oracle FSS – Flexcube, OBP
  26. SAP – Deposits Management, Loans Management
  27. TCS Financial Solutions – Bancs
  28. Temenos – T24
  29. VSoft – Coresoft