IBS Intelligence Global FinTech Innovation Awards, 2020

Nominations Open | Deadline: 5th October 2020

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India FinTech Report 2020

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India continues to witness the upsurge in FinTech evolution, which is primarily augmented by the emergence of new FinTech startups and a robust wave of technological advancements. Know more about the key technologies that are gaining traction amongst FinTech players in India.

The report gives a brief overview of the emerging sectors such as Lending, Payments, WealthTech and RegTech in India. It also deep dives into the market sizing and forecasting of these four sectors in India by leveraging the IBSI Research Methodology. The report also showcases over 20 profiles of FinTech players ranging from digital lenders to alternative data providers. Furthermore, the report captures the collaborations between banks and FinTech players in the market as well as sheds light on the investments in the sector. The report also features IBSI Intelligence exclusive – Classification of FinTech Players into leaders and rising stars based on IBSI Methodology.

Pages: 78

Why Buy This Report?

  • Insights into the historical (2018 & 2019) and projected market size (2020 to 2023) of key FinTech categories – Digital Lending, Payments, WealthTech and RegTech.
  • In-depth profiles of 20 innovative FinTechs – covering their solutions, use cases and clients.
  • Exclusive and one of its kind ‘IBS Intelligence FinTech Classification Matrix’.
  • IBS Intelligence’s perspective on investments that this sector is attracting.

If you are a Bank Tech team member, make the right supplier selection by reading this report. If you are a Supplier, understand the market better and be more competitive. If you are a Consultant, advise your clients more knowledgably. And if you are an Investor, use this to make the right investment decision.