Core Banking Systems Case Studies

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Avoid expensive mistakes, learn from the personal experiences of 50+ real-life system replacement projects

Making changes to any core banking system is one of the most challenging and intensive projects faced by IT managers. The continual evolution of technology and banking products, and the weight of new regulatory requirements, means a replacement or upgrade of the core system will face every bank sooner or later, regardless of its size, scope of operations and geographical location.

Core Banking Systems Case Studies is a compilation of over 50 real-life banking system implementations drawing on the personal experiences of top-tier executives, IT directors, project co-ordinators and managers from financial institutions around the world. This extensive online compilation of independently researched case studies presents an unbiased view of the challenges faced by each financial institution, and the outcomes.

Changing a core banking system is probably one of the most complicated and intensive projects faced by IT managers and even the most experienced will approach this task with more than a little apprehension. However, the continual evolution of technology, banking products and regulatory requirements, means a replacement of the core banking system will face every bank sooner or later, regardless of its size, scope of operations and geographical location.

Core Banking Systems Case Studies contains a thorough analysis of the system conversion process based on the real-life experience of financial institutions around the world, starting with selection, continuing through the implementation phases, to going live with the new system, and analysing the outcome.

It constitutes an independent, unbiased view of the challenges faced by each financial institution with due regard to the specific banking and banking systems markets, the economy, legislation and public awareness in relevant geographies. It explains how various problems and difficulties were overcome and how the required results were achieved (or not) so that similar problems can be avoided in the future. The respondents, who were directly involved in the projects and steered them through highs and lows, offer constructive advice throughout each online case study, drawing on personal experience, making this an ideal resource to ensure success and avoid pitfalls.

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Table of Contents

  1. About Core Banking Systems Case Studies Online
  2. Free extract: Drivers for change, selection, implementation and outcomes
  3. Drivers for change, selection, implementation and outcomes across all case studies (subscription)
  4. Avaloq¬†Banking¬†System¬†‚ÄstLiechtensteinische¬†Landesbank¬†(LLB)
  5. Avaloq¬†Banking¬†System¬†–¬†St¬†Galler¬†Kantonalbank
  6. BIS¬†BISquit¬†‚ÄstBelgazprombank
  7. Callata√Ņ¬†&¬†Wouters¬†Thaler¬†‚ÄstUFG-LFP¬†Private¬†Bank
  8. Callata√Ņ¬†&¬†Wouters¬†Thaler¬†‚ÄstRabobank¬†IDB
  9. Calypso¬†–¬†Banco¬†Espirito¬†Santo
  10. Calypso¬†‚ÄstRabobank
  11. CCK¬†Guava¬†‚ÄstUnionBank¬†of¬†the¬†Philippines
  12. CFT-Retail¬†Bank¬†‚ÄstKaspi¬†Bank
  13. CFT-Bank¬†‚ÄstMTS¬†Bank
  14. CS¬†Ltd¬†B2¬†‚ÄstEnergobank
  15. CS¬†Ltd¬†B2¬†‚ÄstVolksbank
  16. Die¬†Software¬†Peter¬†Fitzon¬†OBS¬†‚ÄstHauck¬†&¬†Aufha√ľser¬†Banquiers
  17. ERI¬†Olympic¬†‚ÄstBank¬†Hapoalim¬†Switzerland
  18. Financial¬†Software¬†Systems¬†Spectrum¬†‚ÄstBOS¬†Bank
  19. Finnova¬†‚ÄstDirect¬†bank¬†AXA¬†Bank
  20. FIS¬†ACBS¬†&¬†Systematics¬†‚ÄstWebster¬†Bank
  21. FIS¬†Horizon¬†‚ÄstBankFIRST
  22. FIS¬†Profile¬†‚ÄstGovernment¬†Savings¬†Bank
  23. FIS¬†&¬†Diasoft¬†Profile¬†&¬†Diasoft¬†FA¬†‚ÄstRenaissance¬†Credit
  24. Fiserv¬†Signature¬†‚ÄstCaja¬†Popular¬†Mexicana
  25. Fiserv¬†Signature¬†‚ÄstBank¬†of¬†Queensland
  26. Fiserv¬†Signature¬†‚ÄstMutual¬†of¬†Omaha¬†Bank
  27. Harland¬†Financial¬†Solutions¬†Phoenix¬†‚ÄstNational¬†Bank¬†of¬†Kansas¬†City
  28. ICS¬†Banks¬†‚ÄstIndustrial¬†Development¬†&¬†Workers¬†Bank¬†of¬†Egypt
  29. Infosys¬†Finacle¬†‚ÄstEquity¬†Bank
  30. Infosys¬†Finacle¬†‚ÄstUnionBank¬†of¬†the¬†Philippines
  31. Infrasoft¬†OmniEnterprise¬†‚ÄstGlobal¬†Banking¬†Corporation
  32. Infrasoft¬†OmniEnterprise¬†‚ÄstLagoon¬†Home¬†Savings¬†and¬†Loans
  33. International¬†Private¬†Banking¬†Systems¬†‚ÄstIPBS¬†‚ÄstStocks¬†&¬†Securities¬†Limited¬†(SSL)
  34. Oracle FSS Flexcube Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  35. Oracle FSS Flexcube Alpha Bank
  36. Oracle FSS Flexcube Bank Danamon
  37. Oracle FSS Flexcube Chinatrust Commercial Bank
  38. Oracle¬†FSS¬†Flexcube¬†‚ÄstDAB¬†Bank¬†AG
  39. Oracle¬†FSS¬†Flexcube¬†‚ÄstFriesland¬†Bank
  40. Oracle¬†FSS¬†Flexcube¬†–¬†Prasac¬†MFI
  41. Oracle¬†FSS¬†Flexcube¬†‚ÄstTienPhongBank
  42. Path¬†Solutions¬†iMAL¬†‚ÄstBoubyan¬†Bank
  43. Path¬†Solutions¬†iMAL¬†‚ÄstUBL¬†Ameen
  44. Path¬†Solutions¬†iMAL¬†‚ÄstEurope¬†Arab¬†Bank
  45. Polaris¬†Software¬†Lab¬†Intellect¬†Suite¬†‚ÄstDeutsche¬†Leasing
  46. Polaris¬†Software¬†Lab¬†Intellect¬†GUB¬†‚ÄstSaigon¬†Hanoi¬†Bank
  47. SAP¬†Deposits¬†Management¬†&¬†R/3¬†‚ÄstMBA¬†Lazard¬†Argentina
  48. Silverlake¬†Axis¬†SIBS¬†‚ÄstCommercial¬†Bank¬†International
  49. Simcorp¬†Dimension¬†‚ÄstGenesis¬†Investment¬†Management
  50. Simcorp¬†Dimension¬†‚ÄstSchroders¬†Investment¬†Management
  51. Sungard¬†Ambit¬†‚ÄstDFCC¬†Bank
  52. Sungard¬†Ambit¬†‚ÄstMCB¬†Bank
  53. Sungard¬†Ambit¬†‚ÄstUnited¬†Bank¬†Limited¬†(UBL)
  54. Sungard¬†Ambit¬†‚ÄstVietnam¬†International¬†Bank
  55. TCS¬†Bancs¬†‚ÄstBNI¬†(Bank¬†Negara¬†Indonesia)
  56. TCS¬†Bancs¬†‚ÄstGuangdong¬†Rural¬†Credit¬†Co-operative¬†Union
  57. Temenos¬†T24¬†‚ÄstAlinma¬†Bank
  58. Temenos¬†T24¬†‚ÄstBanco¬†Terra
  59. Temenos¬†T24¬†‚ÄstBank¬†of¬†East¬†Asia¬†(London)
  60. Temenos¬†T24¬†‚ÄstBforBank
  61. Temenos¬†–¬†Hypo¬†Alpe¬†Adria¬†Bank/ZIS
  62. Temenos¬†T24¬†‚ÄstNorth¬†Shore¬†Credit¬†Union
  63. Temenos¬†T24¬†‚ÄstSaudi¬†Hollandi¬†Bank
  64. Temenos¬†–¬†Swissquote
  65. Tieto¬†Core¬†Banking¬†Suite¬†‚ÄstSwedbank
  66. Tieto¬†Mortgage¬†and¬†Savings¬†Suite¬†‚ÄstBath¬†Building¬†Society