Core Banking Systems Case Studies: Middle East and North Africa

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While core banking replacements anywhere in the world have their common challenges and success factors, the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) has its own unique flavour given the confluence of cultures, product lines and nuances that comes along with it.

This compilation of Core Banking Systems Case Studies focuses on select projects across five different suppliers and banks in MENA.

It contains a thorough analysis of the system conversion process based on the real-life experience of financial institutions around the world, starting with selection, continuing through the implementation phases, to going live with the new system, and analyzing the outcome. It also presents readers with an independent, unbiased view of the challenges faced by each financial institution.

The case studies cover in detail the following areas:

  • Reasons and drivers for change
  • Project profile
  • System selection
  • Implementation phases
  • Challenges and lessons learnt
  • Results and advice

This publication from IBS Intelligence will help make the intricate process of a core system conversion a smoother journey, resulting in fewer mistakes along the way and a more cost-, time- and resource-effective operation – with considerably less stress.

The access to this report will be in the form of an online pdf for a period of 1 year only.

Table of contents

Core Banking Systems Case Studies: Middle East & North Africa (MENA)

Case Studies:

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (UAE)

  • Vendor: Oracle FSS
  • System: Flexcube

Alinma Bank (Saudi Arabia)

  • Vendor: Temenos
  • System: T24

Boubyan Bank (Kuwait)

  • Vendor: Path Solutions
  • System: iMAL

Industrial Development & Workers Bank (Egypt)

  • Vendor: ICS Financial Solutions
  • System: ICS Banks

United Arab Bank (UAE)

  • Vendor: Misys
  • System: FusionBanking Equation