IBS Intelligence Global FinTech Innovation Awards, 2020

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence In Banking 2020

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  1. A primer on AI and key considerations for banks before implementation
  2. 10 potential areas of application of AI in banking, with related product examples
  3. 6 use cases of how AI was successfully deployed at banks and institutions
  4. Industry prescribed strategies and pitfalls to watch out for when deploying AI
  5. Periodic updates including new supplier profiles and latest market trends

If you are a Bank Tech team member, make the right supplier selection by reading this report. If you are a Supplier, understand the market better and be more competitive. If you are a Consultant, advise your clients more knowledgeably. And if you are an Investor, use this to make the right investment decision.

The access to this report will be in the form of an online pdf for a period of 1 year only.

Artificial Intelligence in banking is driving disruptive transformation across all industries, including banking. Despite banking being a laggard in emerging technology adoption, AI has quietly made its way into a number of banking processes – driving intelligent automation, drastically reducing manual intervention in processes, and improving efficiency by enabling automated decisioning.

The IBSI Report explores the opportunities AI presents in banking, investment trends, different use cases banks could employ AI for, snapshots of select suppliers with AI-powered offerings, as well as case studies on successful implementations. The endeavor of the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Banking Report is to become a ready reckoner for any bank looking to explore use cases for AI, and get insights on how their peers are approaching the same. The report will be updated perdiodically to capture more supplier profiles and the latest trends in the market.

Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Section 2: Overview of AI
    • Evolution of AI
    • Opportunities in Banking
    • Key Considerations for Banks when deploying AI
  • Section 3: AI Supplier Market Landscape
    • Overall AI Market Size
    • Key Market trends
    • Investments in AI
    • Key Banks with investments in AI startups
  • Section 4: Applications of AI in Banking
    • Customer service / engagement (Chatbot)
    • Intelligent Operations
    • Robo advice
    • General Purpose / Predictive Analytics
    • Cross-sell optimization
    • Quantitative & Asset Management
    • Regulatory, Compliance, & Fraud Detection
    • Cybersecurity
    • Credit Scoring / Direct Lending
    • Insurance
  • Section 5: AI deployment Models
  • Section 6: Market landscape and Key Suppliers
  • Section 7: Case Studies
    • Case Study 1 – Customer engagement
    • Case Study 2 – Robo-Advice
    • Case Study 3 – Efficient Trade Management
    • Case Study 4 – Smart Automation
    • Case Study 5 – Fraud Detection
    • Case Study 6 – Credit-Worthiness
  • Section 8: AI Industry Outlook
  • Future of AI in Financial Services Space