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Capital Banking Solutions (CBS) is one of the established banking software companies that have maintained the nimbleness and flair of a fintech start-up by constantly reinventing their products in sync with the industry expectations. IBS Intelligence caught up with CEO, Samer Hanna, to discuss the company’s strategy and future  plans and with Bariaa Komati, the Product Manager for its recently launched Islamic Banking solutions.

Established in 2007, the Lebanon based CBS has witnessed, significant growth over the years winning over 250 customers across 63 countries including leading banks such as UBS France, Banco Sabadell, Bank of Africa, amongst others. Capital Banking Solution’s flagship product is its core banking solution, CapitalBanker, which is focused on small and mid-sized banks in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. In 2009, the supplier acquired US based banking technology supplier, Adtek, which gave it a foothold in the US and South American market. Over the years, the supplier has introduced more products to offer a well-rounded portfolio of solutions including CapitalPrivate for private bankers, Capital Lending, CapitalDigital, CapitalCompliance and CapitalBanker Islamic. The last couple of years have been notable for CBS with multiple new client wins including its first set of customer wins for the Islamic Banking solutions; along with strategic investment from Lebanese investment fi rm, Berytech. The recently introduced new logo symbolizes the pedigree of traditional core banking while breaking and evolving the boundaries of the traditional core banking “box”.

Talking about CBS’ renewed focus on Islamic Banking solutions, Bariaa explained that there is a growing demand for Islamic Banking software solutions as more and more banks in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Americas markets expand their banking activities and introduce an Islamic Window to cater to the growing Islamic client base. In anticipation of this growing demand for Islamic Banking Solutions, CBS launched its Shari’ah-compliant Islamic banking products and services to cater to the bank’s needs. According to Bariaa, the solutions cater to both, pure Islamic Banks as well as Conventional Banks with an Islamic arm, providing the complete array of modules such as Murabahah, Wakalah, Musharakah, Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek, Tawarrouq, Quard Hassan, etc.

In June 2018, CBS received strategic investment of $5 million from Lebanese venture capital fund, Berytech II. The investment was the perfect shot in the arm for CBS’ expansion plans to increase its footprint in Africa and Europe as well as other opportunistic markets across Americas, Middle East and Asia. The investment will also drive the development of new products. One of the key initiatives that CBS has been vocal about is the development of its cloud-based services. This again is a testament of CBS’ forward-thinking strategies where it sees cloud banking as the future. While core banking remains the supplier’s flagship offering, it has seen tremendous success for its compliance and risk management solution, CapitalCompliance, which offers KYC, AML, FATCA and CRS modules. With easily configurable monitoring tools and personalized dashboards designed with an open and scalable architecture, the multilingual solution has seen success amongst its conventional as well as its Islamic Banking clients. In terms of the strengths of the supplier, a dedicated banking software focus and strong customer service orientation has enabled the supplier to maintain an enviable track record of successful implementations and 100% client retention across its markets in Europe, Middle East and Americas.

Over the next five years, Capital Banking Solutions will continue to strengthen its newly developed Islamic Banking and Compliance solutions while increasing its global footprint for its core banking solution. While Europe and Africa remain its core markets, CBS will be looking at expanding its footprint in its focus markets across the Middle East, Americas and Asia.

In his closing comments on the focus for CBS, Samer Hanna said, “We are building a best in class banking solution that not only caters to the current needs of our banking clients, but also meets their future technology requirements through an optimum combination of a robust cloud ready core solution integrated with emerging and innovative digital solutions.”

by IBS Intelligence