Supplier & System Reports

The IBS Intelligence Supplier & System Reports feature independent profiles of over 100 international suppliers and 150+ systems. It is the definitive resource for evaluating the leading transaction processing solutions across core areas of banking, including universal, retail, wholesale, lending, treasury, capital markets, trade finance, private banking and asset management. We cover the market in detail, and we talk directly to many banks, as well as the suppliers themselves, to form an unbiased picture of the merits of each system and its supplier.

There is an unprecedented rate of change in back office systems in the banking sector, with traditional models being undermined. New technology is a catalyst which results in existing participants struggling to keep up, while regulatory changes are also throwing up opportunities as well as challenges. A number of new players have made their mark or are trying to do so, which means that the incumbents are under pressure to improve efficiency and innovate.

Current Supplier & System Reports

Back Office Systems and Suppliers Report
Islamic Banking Systems and Suppliers Report 2019
Payment Systems and Suppliers Report
Risk Management Systems and Suppliers Report
Treasury and Capital Markets Systems Report
Universal Banking Systems Report
Wealth Management and Private Banking Systems Report