For over 30 years, IBSI analysts and tools have been providing global banks, financial technology firms, management consultants, and funds with independent in-depth technology insights to help make smarter decisions.

Our consulting offerings are deep and wide, and cater to most aspects of our clients’ corporate strategy and corporate finance agendas, and are executed by IBSI’s capable analyst teams, seasoned experts, with ~250 years of cumulative hands-on experience in the global financial services and related technologies industry.

Market Strategy and Opportunity Assessment

Leverage IBSI’s deep market-entry strategy experience, combined with our intelligence on global..

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Product Review and Roadmap

Our product review and roadmap offering is aimed at helping you determine your product portfolio’s readiness across 6 different…

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Partner Search and Identification

Once we’ve formulated the optimal market-strategy for you, our teams will go ahead and develop a best-in-class partner or target…

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Price Benchmarking Assessment

Our work and relationships with banks, consulting firms, and investing funds globally, give us a strong sense of what it takes for…

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Business Strategy Development using the BSC

IBSI has a deep heritage when it comes to assisting clients with strategy design using the…

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Due Diligence Support

Our extensive global experience in business due-diligence positions us well to help you conduct a thorough analysis…

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Portfolio Company Growth

On top of providing fund managers with due-diligence intelligence, our teams have experience in, and are…

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Analyst Block Hours

IBSI’s pool of analysts, SMEs with knowledge covering the global FinTech landscape, are regularly providing…

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Digital Diagnostic & Future Strategy

Over 8-12 weeks, our teams will employ proprietary methodologies, and draw from our experience…

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FinTech Intelligence

Powered by a knowledge base of 500+ banking industry use-cases and research-based insights of 300+ technology suppliers…

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