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Wirecard & Al Ansari Exchange to launch multi-currency card solution

Wirecard has collaborated with UAE-based foreign exchange Al Ansari Exchange on a new Visa Platinum card solution and an accompanying application.

According to the supplier, through the Al Ansari multi-currency Visa Platinum Card, payments can be carried out in 16 different currencies and exchange rates. It will allow the customers to make online purchases and to exchange foreign currencies within the currency card wallets. This coupled with Wirecard’s authorization algorithm will enable the customers to hold multiple wallets at any time, check available funds against the requested currency, then automatically sweeping across all other card wallets to avoid unnecessary declines and double conversion.

“Just like Wirecard, Al Ansari Exchange uses innovation to redefine the customer experience. We are proud to work with Al Ansari Exchange to introduce the new multi-currency Visa Platinum travel card to the market,” said Nabila Nouinou, Regional Managing Director at Wirecard. “Travel cards are an excellent value-added service to help travel and tourism companies as well as financial institutions increase customer loyalty and distinguish themselves from the competition.”

“At Al Ansari Exchange, it is our desire to provide world-class products and services to our customers with maximum comfort and convenience, using the latest technology,” said Rashed Ali Al Ansari, General Manager, Al Ansari Exchange. “Wirecard shares this goal and this is why they are the ideal partner for us, helping us to deliver an innovative and enhanced multi-currency solution that meets the needs of our customers.”

Founded in 1966, Al Ansari Exchange is a currency exchange and money transfer company with over 185 branches and a 2.5 million customer base.

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