Vincent Geffray, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Everbridge

The digital war room is more valuable that ever in formulating an effective response to a cybersecurity crisis, a new report has concluded.
Everbridge, the developer of a platform for managing threats and incidents, worked with Enterprise Management Associates to survey 272 enterprise respondents in North America and Europe. Its aim was to understand how enterprises in financial services and other sectors were using emergency response teams – digital war rooms – to resolve critical IT incidents.
“Enterprises find emergency response teams just as important, if not more important, than ever,” concluded Vincent Geffray, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Everbridge. “The more formal and established the war room, the more effective it is likely to be. And those war rooms that involve more people, and more functions such as developers, tend to be more effective.”
Geffray said the research looked at how emergency response teams are formed and optimised to glean insights from across the organisation before IT service interruptions threaten the health of an enterprise.
Some 50% of respondents said that effective war room capabilities are becoming more important in the digital era, while 43% saw their importance as unchanged and only six per cent saw them becoming less important.
Three out of four respondents feel their war rooms have been transformed through automation, analytics, or both. In a move away from the siloed war rooms of the past, more than half the respondents see a trend towards involving more people in the process – a move that Geffray said aligns well with improved war room effectiveness.
Seven out of ten said there was a single organisational owner for their war rooms, which also correlated strongly with both overall war room effectiveness and more effective team optimisation. But organisations are still taking too long to respond to IT incidents, reporting an average time of about 90 minutes just to assemble an effective team, and a total time to resolution of about six hours. When asked which technology was most valuable in identifying relevant stakeholders and resolvers, respondents scored an automated IT alerting system the highest at 48%.
“As IT becomes even more critical to enterprises, and their infrastructure, on site and in the cloud, become more complex, war rooms are here to stay,” added Geffray. “The challenge is to adapt them to an age of cloud and digital applications.”

by Guy Matthews