Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, Volante Technologies

Volante Technologies Inc. has expanded its cloud-based ecosystem, VolPay-as-a-Service, with key upgrades for the US financial institutions. The new offering combines corporate to bank connectivity, corporate onboarding, and end-to-end processing of all U.S. domestic and cross-border payment types.

“At Volante, we are committed to providing the most advanced payments solutions to our customers, so that they can stay ahead of emerging trends, and make the most of the growing opportunity in payments,” said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO, Volante Technologies. “With the increasing popularity of software-as-a-service models in financial services, this is an ideal time for U.S. institutions to take a close look at their payments infrastructures, and explore managed-service models to generate superior business outcomes.”

According to the supplier, the service is expected to simplify corporate ERP, acknowledgement formats and automate the process of connecting corporate customers to their institutional payment service providers. The service handles all US payment types as well as SWIFT cross-border payments. This facilitates efficiency in end-to-end payment processing.

“We are delighted that Volante Technologies is providing corporate to bank automation and end-to-end payment processing services for the U.S. with innovations powered by Microsoft Azure,” said Janet Lewis, VP Worldwide Financial Services, Microsoft. “Volante Technologies delivers significant advantages to financial institutions who are looking to improve customer service and benefit from a reduction in hardware and software costs by adopting cloud technologies.”

Recently, Volante’s VolPay was selected by Mexico’s Banco BASE in a bid to power its payment transformation and to provide end to end payment processing solution for domestic and international payments.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence