The UK’s hapless TSB bank has once again left its customers without usable bank accounts today as yet another system failure of its core banking system has shut them out of their accounts and apps.

One user Tweeting early this morning said: “Been trying to log on to my online banking for and hour and can’t access the website AGAIN! The app hasn’t worked for me for over a year, and now I can’t even login via the website. Absolute joke.”

As the affected users attempted to call the TSB’s heavily oversubscribed call centre lines without answer they took in their droves to Twitter to vent their growing frustration. This is the second big outage the bank has had within a few weeks and it is still having to deal with huge phone-call volumes from the last incident.

TSB made an announcement on Twitter last night (that must have had users shuddering with dread) that it would be making some updates to its mobile app and asked users to ensure that they had the latest version. However, this does not explain why many users who did download the latest version were still unable to access the website.

It is interesting that the troubles of the TSB do not seem to have led to many customers leaving the bank yet which is more than can be said for the stability of the banks CEO who must surely now be ready for replacement.

by Bill Boyle
IBS Intelligence Senior Editor