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TimeWarp app wins Best In Show at FinovateEurope

Marc Stähli, Senior Vice President Global Sales at CREALOGIX

Fintech CREALOGIX has announced that its TimeWarp product has been awarded a Best In Show accolade at this week’s FinovateEurope in London.
More than 1,500 banking technology professionals voted for the app, which features simulation visuals to enable customers to understand the consequences of financial decisions before they are made. CREALOGIX said the tool lets users not only keep track of their past and current financial situation, but also puts them in a position to manage their finances prudently.
FinovateEurope features financial technology from over 60 leading fintech companies, with new solutions shown to a specialist audience in a demo lasting exactly seven minutes without any supporting slides or video. The Best of Show awards go to companies with the most votes from the audience.
TimeWarp works by empowering users to make better decisions by checking any financial scenario with a journey through time. Thanks to advanced business intelligence technology, the service takes advantage of open banking. Users can pull in their actual data from a variety of different providers, including bank accounts, insurances, savings, and loans. The app enables bank customers to get an insight into the possible outcome of their financial decisions before they make them. It uses visual flow illustration to reduce the complexity of spreadsheet representations. These simulations give a tangible personal financial overview and make the impact of spending, saving, and borrowing decisions stand out.
“The future of banking lies in new and delightful user experiences,” said Marc Stähli, Senior Vice President Global Sales at CREALOGIX. “With CREALOGIX’s TimeWarp, financial institutions can provide customers with unique way of looking at their personal finance management. Thanks to the app, users can make more informed financial decisions, with the bank’s offers always tailored to their personal circumstances and objectives. This is just one of a large range of creative options open to banks to offer significant added value to their customers and further improve their relationship with them.”

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