A new green digital finance focussed venture has been launched this week at the G20 Green Invest symposium in Berlin. It is hoped that Stockholm Green Digital Finance will be the first of many such initiatives.

“Green innovators need access to capital to scale their solutions. Two million unbanked people in the world need access to banking services. Sustainable lifestyles need to scale. Green digital finance can address these needs. We have only just begun to scratch the surface of the potential and Stockholm Green Digital Finance will lead the way in exploring new initiatives to deliver sustainable capital to businesses and communities,” says Cecilia Repinski, Director at Stockholm Green Digital Finance. “Stockholm Green Digital Finance will be a key component of the Stockholm FinTech Hub, established earlier in 2017 to foster the FinTech industry in Sweden. It will be run from the Stockholm FinTech Hub to practically demonstrate and facilitate policy dialogue around how green digital finance can facilitate the transition to inclusive and sustainable societies.”

Sofie Blakstad, CEO at hiveonline, comments: “We are a founder member of the Stockholm FinTech Hub and are committed to putting our blockchain technology to work in advancing inclusive and sustainable societies. We will work with Stockholm Green Digital Finance to test new solutions and help make their ambition a reality.”


by Scott Thompson
Scott is Senior Editor at IBS Intelligence. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him at: Scott.Thompson@ibsintelligence.com