UK mobile-only challenger, Starling Bank, has unveiled its Developer Platform as it continues to build out its Marketplace. This enables third-parties to securely access customer data (with their permission) and build on top of the platform using the bank’s APIs.

At Starling Bank’s first hackathon, the winner, MableForge, integrated the care management app, Mable, with the Starling platform. This created a product capable of analysing the spend and financial data of people under care in order to help them and their caregivers to stay safe and in control of their money. Whilst integrations with money apps and technology platforms are expected in the first instance – such as money advice chatbots or spending analytics – these are set to be followed by lifestyle, retail and wellness products that could integrate with other apps, wearables or the Internet of Things. Products and tools integrated with Starling Bank’s APIs will have the opportunity to sit in the Marketplace.

Megan Caywood, Starling’s Chief Platform Officer, says: “Starling is committed to ensuring that everyone around the world has the opportunity for a healthy financial life. There are two key steps to enabling this. The first is empowerment through data. We believe that customers own their own data and should be able to use it to their benefit, rather than have it used in cross-selling or upselling situations. A second important step is enabling innovation so that the best products in market are available and accessible for everyone whether that’s an ISA from a traditional provider or a new FinTech. This means people have real visibility over what products are out there, and consequently, much greater choice in finding the product that is right for them.”

by Scott Thompson
Scott is Senior Editor at IBS Intelligence. You can follow him on Twitter and contact him at: