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Shoppers ignoring bank security warnings in Black Friday rush


Andrius Sutas, CEO of AimBrain

Consumers looking to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are overlooking the kind of basic security procedures that their banks have recommended, said a security expert.
Andrius Sutas, CEO and Co-Founder of AimBrain, a UK company leading the way in AI and machine learning biometric authentication, said there are simple ways of avoiding mistakes that can lead to costly bank-related fraud.
“Fraudsters are keen to exploit Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as they know that as we scramble to secure bargains, we may overlook our typical security practices,” said. “People must avoid putting themselves and their finances at risk through some simple steps.”
Sutas said all online shoppers must make sure the retail website they are visiting begins with https, to indicate it secure: “It should also show a padlock in the URL, to show it’s a verified site,” he warns. “If they get sent any retail offers or notifications from their ‘bank’ by email, they should hover over the links and make sure that the links go to a genuine site. If in doubt, they shouldn’t click. They should only open emails they have opted in to, as fraudsters will use this busy retail period to send phishing or fake emails. If you receive calls from someone pertaining to be from your bank or a retailer, they won’t mind you checking that the call is genuine. Put down the phone, and use another phone to call the number listed on a secure website to check whether the call was legitimate. And be careful downloading apps designed to help you navigate the busy shopping weekend. Some apps can steal your details or put malicious code on your phone.”

Sutas said that banks must redouble efforts to get their customers to adopt proper procedures at all times, including the use of a strong password, or a PIN or even better a biometric security step. Banks should warn about the re-use passwords across ecommerce sites too.

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