SharePost CEO Greg Brogger.

Capital markets researcher SharesPost is partnering with security advisor Satis Group to offer referrals on security token offerings (STO) and access to the former’s Alternative Trading Platform (ATS) for STOs.

SharesPost will refer its issuer clients to Satis for end-to-end advisory services. The partnership is primarily about streamlining access to secondary trading and advisory services, according to John Wu, CEO of SharesPost Digital Assets Group. Satis is the first partner participating in SharesPost’s newly-launched global Advisor Partner Programme.

The partnership will result in a referral relationship between the two firms. Satis will refer security token issuer clients to SharesPost for ICO’s and secondary trading on its Alternative Trading Platform (ATS). Meanwhile, SharesPost will refer its issuer clients to Satis for end-to-end advisory services.

“Issuers will benefit from both Satis’ expertise with deal structuring, token economics and investor outreach and online distribution and SharesPost’s 50,000 accredited investors,” says SharePost CEO Greg Brogger.

SharesPost is planning to launch its security token marketplace in late 2018, using its knowledge and experience in the private capital market to give primary issuers an accessible secondary trading venue.

Satis Group has advised on the sale of more than $100 million worth of tokens, including security tokens BCAP, Science Blockchain, and Protos. It will provide its full range of advisory services to issuers and provide them with a compliant secondary trading platform.

“There is an extraordinary future for security tokens but compliant issuance and secondary trading platforms are key,” said Emma Channing, Co-Founder and General Counsel of Satis Group.

by Bill Boyle
IBS Intelligence Senior Editor