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RegTech Heliocor partners with crypto platform CBX

Meng Chan Shu, CEO of CBX

British RegTech Heliocor, has entered into a strategic partnership with the Middle Eastern cryptocurrency trading platform, CBX.

The collaboration, according to Helicor, aims to enhance investor engagement with cryptocurrencies. Dokstor, the flagship product of Heliocor is a fully GDPR compliant cross-regulation onboarding that is fully integrated with the CBX trading platform. This will allow the CBX platform to apply the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML(Anti Money Laundering) checks to its range of clients, globally.

Meng Chan Shu, CEO of CBX, says: “As increasing numbers of institutional and retail investors move into the cryptocurrency market, financial technology companies are seeing more opportunities to engage with these investors. Institutional clients demand more sophisticated solutions, so working with Heliocor is a key focus for CBX: our customers will benefit from the most effective regulation technology available in the market.”

Vikas Tripathi, Managing Director of Heliocor says: “Several companies from blockchain and cryptocurrency have engaged with us to help them overcome their ever-changing regulation challenges. We believe that cryptocurrency markets will form a key market for our technology, allowing us to apply our deep regulation and compliance knowledge in banking and financial
institutions to further engage with the blockchain industry. We are delighted to be working with CBX to provide them with an enhanced due diligence capability and adding confidence to their users as they access the crypto market.”

CBX is a digital asset trading platform dedicated to providing users with professional digital currency trading services. The company has independent operating teams in UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and London, other countries and regions.

Heliocor is a regulatory technology company with a core product such as RoboliticsTM, a data analytics engine, that helps financial institutions manage their compliance more effectively and much more cheaply than other solutions. Its technology, using AI, neural networks and machine learning, is working in Tier 1, 2 and 3 financial institutions today.

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