ProfitStars launches security services suite to combat cybersecurity threats

Russ Bernthal,
VP, Jack Henry & Associates & President, ProfitStars

Jack Henry & Associates’ ProfitStars division has announced the availability of its Gladiator Total Project, a suite comprising of IT, network security and compliance services. The new suite is expected to enhance cybersecurity standards and compliance management for financial institutions.

Roy Lewis, senior vice president and chief information and technology officer of The Bank of Delmarva, explained, “Gladiator Total Protect provides the updated tools necessary to protect our institution from all angles. The alerts immediately let us know of potentially fraudulent activity, allowing us to quickly investigate and appropriately respond. And, we know that ProfitStars’ services can scale with our growth as we continue to open additional branches in the Northeast.” The Bank of Delmarva has been using utilizing ProfitStars’ managed services.

According to the supplier, Gladiator Total Project will assist institutions to offer accurate and absolute cybersecurity detection and management. The solution utilizes advanced malware protection, firewall management and monitoring, and near-real-time incident alerts.

Lewis added, “Because the experts at Gladiator manage the bulk of the software upkeep, maintenance, and monitoring, bank employees can dedicate their time to more customer-facing and growth-focused initiatives. Jack Henry is a partner we can completely trust with our security.”

Total Protect allows banks and credit unions to access sought-after expertise while simultaneously efficiently managing employee hours.

Russ Bernthal, vice president of Jack Henry & Associates and president of ProfitStars, said, “We are committed to helping our banks and credit unions maintain a culture of trust and dependability, and that starts with information security. Disparate solutions for separate channels and systems are no longer good enough, as such an approach leaves too many cracks and vulnerabilities. Gladiator Total Protect takes a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity, allowing financial institutions to more confidently serve their customers and grow in the modern banking landscape.”

Established in 1984, Profitstars is a provider of financial management solutions that enable banks and credit unions to better manage and maximize their performance.

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