Profile Software, a Greece-based financial services provider, has announced the release of its omnichannel and investment management solution Axia Suite 2.1.

Axia Suite is reportedly capable of delivering investment management, compliance and reports as well as, it supports the operations of Wealth Management, Asset & Fund Management, Custody Services and Robo-Advisory on the same platform and through a single data model.

Supplier states that the latest version of Axia Suite showcases an upgrade in its risk management and compliance capabilities especially focussing on creating a better user experience. Some of the features include- user-defined limits for internal investment management and compliance rules for regulatory purposes. Axia Suite also offers pre-configured compliance rules libraries accommodating specific regulations like UCITS, MiFID II, etc. Furthermore, Axia Suite release 2.1 introduces reporting features with new fund fact sheet visual design capabilities that provide changes to report building. The ‘fees management’ functionality has been updated with daily accrued calculations, fees splits and rebates. The solution also includes enhancements in the Accounting module, with new reports, market data import tools, alert types, etc. In the upcoming releases, amongst others, Axia’s investment strategies and rebalancing modules will be updated with additional trading tools and simulations, while new credit and financing functions will also be available.

As part of Profile Software’s product investment plan, that includes an allocation of more than 20% of its annual revenue to R&D, Axia Suite is continuously being enhanced by Profile to respond to the market needs, providing a fully automated system for the investment management industry.

Recently, Profile Software has announced the significant expansion of its partner network across Europe and Asia.

Founded in 1990, Profile Software is an international solutions provider for the Banking and Investment Management industry. The company has a presence in Europe, the Middle East, America, Asia and Africa delivering innovative solutions to both start-ups and established banking & finance institutions, through direct communication or a reliable partners network.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence
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