Yuval Ziv, CCO SafeCharge

Payments specialist SafeCharge has launched Identity Manager, a solution that it claimed enables seamless digital identity validation through automation. Identity Manager works by streamlining complex background checks in a fast and cost-effective manner, said SafeCharge.
Identity Manager acts as an agnostic gateway enabling merchants to connect to a wide range of identity validation providers worldwide, including eKYC, document verification as well as age verification, PEP and sanction checks. It is fully incorporated into the SafeCharge Payment Engine and therefore can be implemented as part of SafeCharge Hosted Payment Pages as well as through dedicated APIs.
The solution automates customer verification flows, re-routing checks to an alternative provider should one be unsuccessful. In case of a failed eKYC check, customers are invited to upload their documents and get verified using a mobile phone or a desktop, for optimal security. Check flows can also be customised according to business requirements, industries and where customers are geographically located.
Identity Manger is aimed at online businesses for which identity validation checks are a mandatory requirement subject to industry regulation, or required by businesses on their own. These include not only gaming, financial services and marketplaces, but also insurance and telecoms providing digital online services.
“The beauty of Identity Manager is that with one single contract and one unified reporting interface, businesses can stay ahead of customer authentication regulation requirements and prevent fraudulent transactions using the relevant local identity validation checks wherever their customers are,” said Yuval Ziv, CCO SafeCharge. “SafeCharge runs the smart routing logic between check providers which provides a huge time saving and ensures the smooth operation for our customers.”

by Guy Matthews
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