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Nets and Vipps join forces to simplify Norwegian payments

Rune Garborg, CEO of Vipps

Norwegian payment app Vipps said it has worked with payments player Nets to increase the number of payment options for consumers and simplify invoice and bill payments in Norway.
The partnership, said Vipps, will enable consumers to pay all digital invoices and bills using the Vipps app, or through online and mobile banking. Consumers will be able to receive more invoices digitally, already filled out with relevant account details and the amount to be paid, increasing convenience for the consumer and the likelihood of timely payment.
“We believe that this agreement will contribute to digitising all paper and email-based invoices in Norway,” commented Rune Garborg, CEO of Vipps. “In the longer term, our ambition is to make the physical invoice obsolete. This partnership will create cost-savings for both corporates and consumers.”
“Almost 180 million invoices are being delivered on paper or PDF in Norway every year,” added Frode Åsheim, Norway Country Director, Nets. “Consequently, many consumers forget to pay on time, creating cash flow issues for creditors. By combining the functionality of Vipps and our eFaktura solution we are reaching more consumers, particularly young people. We want to make payments more convenient and enable consumers to receive bills and invoices on their preferred platform. Combining Vipps and eFaktura will empower digital consumers by providing them with an overview of their finances. This is a significant improvement on today, as currently consumers receive bills on paper, via email, or through Vipps or eFaktura, depending on which solution the invoicing business uses.”
More than 3.2 million Norwegians use Vipps and around 2.6 million use eFaktura, which distributes approximately 100 million invoices each year.

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