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NeoXam‘s AI innovation acknowledged by French fintech body

Data management specialist NeoXam has received a Finance Innovation Accreditation from a prestigious French fintech initiative.
Finance Innovation, founded in 2007 by the French Public Authorities, was created to encourage innovation in the country’s financial services sector. It supports the development of innovative projects devoted to economic, societal and environmental challenges.
NeoXam, chosen for its innovative AI-based approach, has developed software that maximises data quality. It said that with regulations such as MiFID II expanding the scope of regulatory reporting, pressures on data managers have increased.
“We changed our traditional approach to explore a system based on machine learning,” said Dominique Tomassoni, Innovation and Solution Manager at NeoXam. “Previously, any data issues would have to be handled manually, with code being provided to solve issues on a case-by-case basis. The new system learns from historic data, meaning that if any data issues arise, they can be handled automatically. This not only eases the burden for data officers, but also allows them to provide a higher quality service to their own customers.”
“Rather than innovating for innovation’s sake, NeoXam took the time to work out what kind of solutions mattered the most to its clients, and what the best technology was to solve them,” said Vincent Lapadu-Hargues, Head of Asset Management and at Pôle Finance.

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