PayTech MangoPay has announced new client wins in the UK market, including personal savings app Plum, deposit insurance platform Insure Street, and property crowdfunding platform Simple Equity. They join the venture’s client base of over 2,000 European startups across the marketplace, crowdfunding and sharing economy industries.

Crowdfunding platforms currently account for around 41% of MangoPay’s client base and it expects significant growth in this area as it targets revenues of €1 billion for 2017. James Morton, UK & Netherlands Country Head, comments: “We’re thrilled to be working with these exciting, fast-growth startups to help facilitate their payment needs as they look to implement the right partnerships to scale up their businesses. As a growing company ourselves, the mutual relationship we have with our clients can have many benefits. Gaining access to their insights and the needs of their customers helps us continue to innovate and evolve our technology with the aim of solving business-critical issues for startups.”

Victor Trokoudes, CEO, Plum, comments: “MangoPay’s e-wallet technology is perfectly adapted to our systems, making payments efficient and frictionless. But our partnership goes beyond the technology. MangoPay is a true partner to a fast growing startup. I have worked with various partners in my previous life as well at Transferwise and the experience with MangoPay has been exceptional.”

by Scott Thompson
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