Blockchain firm Jelurida, the developers behind the Nxt platform, has announced its roadmap for the next distributed ledger solution on its books.

The Ardor Blockchain will allow users, businesses, and organizations to have their own blockchain with pre-installed features from Nxt. The creation of assets and trading on decentralised exchanges will be part and parcel of the platform. Jelurida plans for the system to be “open to everyone” – single users, startups, bankers and even governments.

Ardor will also feature a cross-chain Coin Exchange where users of different child chains can swap coins with one another. Since its initial reveal last year, Ardor has also been equipped with a new user interface.

The platform’s infrastructure is currently being tested with a launch if the Ardor mainnet expected in 2017. As the year progresses, both the Nxt Foundation and Jelurida “anticipate that a number of third party entities will adopt child chains with the native coin pegged in Euros, Dollars, and Bitcoin.”

“The community is very proud of the progress that has been made since we announced the launch of the Ardor Platform,” says Dave Pearce, Board Member of the Nxt Foundation. “The  team of software engineers and expert coders at Jelurida are working on creating a platform that can be applied to any number of industries.”

Pearce stresses that the full launch of Ardor will not mean that Nxt will lose support.

by Alex Hamilton
Alex is Senior Reporter at IBS Intelligence, follow him on Twitter or contact him at:
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