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Inspire Federal Credit Union goes live with NYMBUS for digital growth

President and CEO Jim Merrill, Inspire Federal Credit Union

Revenue and technology solutions company NYMBUS has announced the completion of a business transformation of core, payments and internet banking for Inspire Federal Credit Union.

“Inspire’s conversion to NYMBUS marks another historic milestone for this industry, as more financial institutions realize the urgency in adopting new technologies that will support growth while delivering a better end-user experience,” said NYMBUS President David Mitchell. “The time to act is now, and our growing client base proves that digital transformation is possible with the right technology partner.”

According to the supplier, NYMBUS’ digital-first product suite enables Credit Union to scale its business and provide new products to their market. It also allows the Union to integrate all the banking functions into one solutions and automating back-end processes and workflows for its employees. The Credit Union has also selected NYMBUS’ cloud-based core platform-SmartCore, mobile banking platform- SmartDigital and debit card processing and fraud protection platform- SmartPayments.

“NYMBUS’ world-class solutions are exactly the foundation we needed to accelerate our digital reach and serve an expanding membership,” said President and CEO Jim Merrill, the Credit Union. “I was confident when we selected NYMBUS to transform our credit union that they were the only partner of choice with a visionary approach to banking in today’s digital age. Coupled with the most modern product suite available on the market, some of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with in my career, and an exceptional conversion, we could not have made a better decision selecting NYMBUS as our long-term partner.”

Established in 1936 in Pennsylvania, Inspire Federal Credit Union, is a financial institution, originally chartered to serve local educators but later evolving into a full-service financial institution serving Bucks County, Penn.

Esatblished in 2006, NYMBUS provides advanced revenue and technology solutions for today’s financial institutions. Using SmartCore, SmartDigital and SmartPayments and other digital technology platforms, NYMBUS enables financial institutions to digitally transform their businesses.

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