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IBSI Sales League Table for 2018 unveiled – and the winners are…

 Today we unveil the Sales League Table (SLT) for 2018. The SLT is the definitive banking industry list of which vendors have sold the largest number of their key systems.

The SLT provides a hugely informative guide to the specialist banking software that is available on an international basis. It tells the industry accurately what has actually been bought by banks and financial institutions during the past year.

In the top-line results, Temenos Core Banking (formerly T24) continued its dominance in the universal banking category besting its last year’s tally of 43 deals by clocking 45 new customer deals in 2017. The runners-up, TCS BaNCS also saw an improvement in its global new customer wins. For the full results see the IBS April Journal Online here.

The SLT provides a vital tool to those in banks who have responsibility for selecting vendors for RFIs and is likely to influence vendor selection across many other banking industry sectors.

The SLT is the result of extensive original global research carried out by the IBS Intelligence and Cedar Management Consulting teams.

This year:

  • The IBSI SLT 2018 looks at banking technology selections made by 917 banks across 10 different system categories
  • The IBSI SLT ranks global suppliers across conventional banking technology areas and  fintech areas across 10 system categories and their performance across a total of 140 solutions from 51 suppliers have been ranked
  • The SLT is based on careful review of 1,078 system purchases made in over 124 countries across the globe in the Americas, Europe, MEA and APAC respectively

Below is a table which looks at the differences between the IBSI SLT 2017 and the SLT 2018 (2017 figures in brackets.)

  • Number of banks we have covered – 917 (678)
  • Number of deals covered – 1078 (597)
  • Number of countries covered – 124 (114)

Number of categories covered – 10 (9)

  • Universal Banking Systems
  • Wholesale Banking & Treasury Systems
  • Retail Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Investment and Asset management
  • Lending
  • Digital Banking Channels
  • CRM
  • Payments and Card management
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Number of suppliers covered – 51 (44)
  • Number of systems covered – 140 (102)
  • Number of leaders identified in the leadership club – 2017: 19 leadership categories / 21 Suppliers (2016: 16 Leadership Categories / 18 suppliers)
  • Total entries received, number of entries disqualified: 1499 / 421 (982 /304)



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