Zeta Super Tag allows NFC payments on pens, ID cards and key chains

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A new NFC tag is allowing employees in India to pay in their workplace cafeterias with random objects like pens, ID cards and key chains.

The Zeta Super Tag is a sticky NFC tag that can be attached to “any” everyday object. Designed by Indian start-up Zeta, a pilot scheme is being tested around the country. “The Zeta Super Tag is an NFC-enabled tag that a user can stick on any object or device that they own and carry with ease,” says the creators. ““The Super Tag is synched to a Zeta user’s account. Through this account, employees can access tax benefits like meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, gift vouchers and fuel reimbursement allowance, among others.”

All users have to do is tap the tag at a compatible terminal and the money is instantly debited from their accounts. Zeta accounst will also give users bonuses like meal vouchers and fuel reimbursement. If the user loses the tag they can bloc it using a mobile app.

Zeta is in the process of expanding its presence to “a much larger network of merchants” and increasing its 8,000 user base. Already, it says, there has been interest from “big corporates” in its home country, as well as abroad.

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