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Wirecard releases multi-merchant digital loyalty solution

Jörg Möller, EVP Travel & Mobility at Wirecard

Wirecard has announced the launch of its fully digital multi-merchant loyalty solution which aims to support companies in their expansion goals through its B2B2C approach. The solution will see Wirecard support functions including issuing, management of branded cards and wallet transactions and will allow the supplier to provide an all-in-one service through its platform.

“When it comes to loyalty programs, engagement and simplicity are key. With our flexible loyalty offering, we can involve more companies on a global scale,” commented Jörg Möller, EVP Travel & Mobility at Wirecard. “As a result, consumers can engage in a larger loyalty program, which offers them more channels to earn and spend their rewards around the world, and a seamless loyalty experience. We are excited to bring modern, innovative loyalty programs to the market with our new solution and continue to digitalize daily financial management.”

According to the supplier, the new solution was developed in collaboration with a London-based digital transformation company, CardGenY. The partnership will facilitate the provision of loyalty program operators with customizable and digital-first solutions.

“Loyalty and rewards is in our DNA – together with Wirecard, we are able to combine fully digital payment capabilities with a first-class loyalty management platform and points engine to support simple to complex programs. We are excited about enabling merchants to widen their reach and customer engagement and generate new revenue beyond their core business”, said Peter Marriott, Co-Founder of CardGenY.

Recently, Wirecard announced an integration with Salesf0rce’s Commerce Cloud Software thereby enabling merchants to integrate their shops with Wirecard’s digital Financial Commerce Platform in a bid to improve the payment experience for merchants as well as customers.

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