Claudia Kaub, Head of Consumer Solutions at Wirecard

German financial services provider, Wirecard has announced the launch of boon Planet – an ecosystem of mobile payment and banking services. boon Planet gives users access to diverse digital financial handling on a single platform, combining account creation, Personal Finance Management and making contactless payments via a smart device or card.

According to the supplier, boon is the first-of-its-kind app to create an integrated payment and banking experience for end consumers. All existing boon payment users can add banking to their existing boon account, while new customers will also be able to register directly for both services, which are available separately as well.

Claudia Kaub, Head of Consumer Solutions at Wirecard, says, “We are very pleased to start the pilot phase of boon Planet. As the name suggests, in the future we will offer all our users the whole world of digital payment and banking. Once again, we are demonstrating our pioneering spirit and offering consumers everything from a single source. With boon Planet, we will set new standards so that our users no longer have to leave the app for their everyday finances.”

In addition to the fully digital and comprehensive bank account, users will be able to make SEPA transfers to third parties. They will also be able to use a physical Debit Mastercard in combination with their app. In future, value-added services such as innovative loyalty solutions and other digital financial services such as mobile insurance will be added. For example, products that users buy with boon could be insured at the same time.

by Megha Bhattacharya
Market Analyst at IBS Intelligence