Wirecard expands payout product offering in the Philippines

          Arne Matthias

Wirecard has launched its payout solutions in the Philippines with an aim to drive its cashless payments mission. The cards issued under this can be utilized in a wide range of industries. The supplier states that the cardholders can use the contactless cards for carrying out seamless transactions at the POS as well as online.

“Launching Wirecard’s payout solution in the Philippines will help our customers not only be more efficient but also bring cashless payments to more individuals,” commented Arne Matthias, Executive Vice President Issuing at Wirecard. “With our technology and payments expertise we are uniquely positioned to help with the digitization of payments – offering our payout products in the Philippines is another important milestone for Wirecard as we continue to invest and grow in the Asia Pacific region.”

The supplier states that Wirecard’s three new payout products in the Philippines are targeted towards governments, public sector clients and corporations. The uses range from loan or refund provisions, corporate expense reimbursements, and commission payouts.

“With our payout solutions, we are helping our customers make easy payments to individuals, helping to streamline the payment process across a variety of industries nationwide,” said Martha Borja, General Manager at Wirecard Philippines. “Compared to traditional payout methods, our solutions offer a number of benefits to both card managers and cardholders. We are excited to see our payout offering improve the payout processes for our customers who are seeking a more cost-effective and efficient payout solution.”

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