Wirecard expands payments services within Nordic markets

Fredrik Neumann, VP Sales Retail at Wirecard

Wirecard has announced the expansion of its payment services in the Nordic region. The supplier states that Wirecard aims to provide a comprehensive digital fintech platform for retailers, thereby enabling unified commerce and enhanced customer experience.

Through Wirecard, Nordic retailers including Nymans Ur, Royal Design, Accent etc have integrated Chinese payment methods at Point-of-Sale (POS).

According to the supplier, Wirecard’s digital financial commerce service offering includes the integration of Chinese payments, simplified purchasing experience across all sales channels and facilitates acceptance and processing of payments irrespective of the customer’s location, payment method etc.

Fredrik Neumann, VP Sales Retail at Wirecard commented, “The retail industry is leading the way when it comes to enhancing the customer journey. Payment will always be a part of retail, but Wirecard’s solutions extend far beyond that. Offering shoppers a smooth and efficient journey, from the moment they enter the shop, be it in-store or online or even both, to the moment they check out and receive their purchases, is at the core of our retail solutions. We are excited to be expanding our solutions across the Nordic market and look forward to onboarding even more merchants.”

Recently, Wirecard announced a partnership with UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL), the Indian government-owned issuer of Permanent Account Number (PAN) cards for facilitating the issue of PAN Cards.

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